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Current Issue March 2014  [on sale 1-27-14]

revenge of the flemish lion
By William E. Welsh

Rebellious guild workers stood their ground at Courtrai in 1302 against knights sent by French King Philip IV to crush them. The outcome of the Battle of the Golden Spurs shook the feudal world to its core.

panzer fury at caen
By Kelly Bell

British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's attack on the key road network was met by German units with enough high-quality armor to inflict heavy damage on Allied forces. But the British and Canadians never shrank from the daunting task.

shock of the charge
By Eric Niderost

Prince RupertÕs Royalists sought to secure the north of England for King Charles I in July 1644, but the Parliamentarians had other thoughts. The Battle of Marston Moor decided the matter.

"a terrible cyclone"
By Lawrence Weber

Braxton Bragg wanted to deliver a knockout blow to William Rosecrans at Chickamauga Creek in northern Georgia. But events did not work out as planned.

triumph at plassey
By Louis Ciotola

A British counteroffensive led by Colonel Robert Clive in the Bengal region of India in 1757 culminated in a showdown with the Nawab of Bengal during a driving monsoon.


Monty's Dilemma

Although the Varangian Guard was called on to carry out many brutal missions, its members maintained a strict code of ethics within their ranks.

The M79 grenade launcher bridged the gap between a hand grenade and supporting mortar fire for U.S. ground forces in Vietnam.

The details of Operation Foxley, a British attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, were a closely guarded secret for decades.

The British Navy had an effective strategy in hand to deal with German raiders when World War I broke out.

The National World War I Museum gives visitors a sense of the terrible price paid by the United States and its allies in the Great War.

Warface guns for Xbox 360, Rambo draws more blood in a videogame comeback attempt, and Homefront hopes the second timeÕs the charm.